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Administrator • 15 Mar 2018 - 09:52

Menampilkan blog teratas/top blog khusus platform nwb

Administrator • 02 Feb 2018 - 20:38

Masalah Nyasar Atau Masuk ke Akun Lain Sudah Fix

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Features and Services

Multiple Blogs

In one account you can create more than one blog, this will make easy our service users

Template Editor

Its not the age with edit css only, now you can freely editing html template, embedding javascript, jquery, and editing css also of course. all of its in your control

Twig Codes

Simplify understanding more than php, editing or even embedding certain tags that support the performance of your blog such as displaying, restricting and manipulating widgets like overview, single page, popular post, most popular searches, thumbnails, recent posts and many more

AGC Modules

We provide a special alternative for those of you who want a blog download in one touch aka web scrapper such as youtube module and soundcloud with editing random API features, random keyword, editing a display and etc. you just enable the module in the settings with one touch

Generator feature

This feature allows you to generate a keyword, converting keyword to URL, converting URL to sitemap, and generate trending keywords that support SEO blog that you have managed it

Upload and import files

Now you can uploading files by directly upload or via URLs with a maximum limit of 10 MB, uploading all your file types

Availabe Many Templates

We have provided many templates here, please choose the template according to your taste, you can also add it

Other Features

Domain Parking, Chat Room, Automatic Site Counter, Creating pages and of course there are many other features that we will add later to support your blogging activities


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